How Our Boots Are Made

Our boots are manufactured employing the Goodyear Welt process. The sole is stitched to the welt, which itself  is then stitched to the vamp and the insole. The gap between the insole and the outsole is filled with cork that gradually forms to the foot. The result is a fine quality product, recognized by those looking for comfortable footwear.

Continuous investment in training ensures the very best quality of hand crafted workmanship from skilled & dedicated craftsmen. All raw materials are carefully selected, to ensure that each boot will be comfortable and durable. Particular attention is paid to the quality of the leathers which are obtained from tanneries in America and Europe.

The Goodyear Welt Process

The drawing above is a cut view of a western boot 

1. SIDE WELT – Seams and quarters are beveled and stitched from the inside, trimmed close, and pressed flat for better appearance and comfort.

2. VAMP FITTING STITCH – Multi-row stitching, using attractive nylon thread, gives the entire boot more strength and durability.

3. VAMP – The front foot of the boot that covers the toes and instep is stretched for perfect fit.

4. TOE BOX – The toe area is molded onto the shape of the last for perfect shape and protection.

5. COUNTER – A stiff piece treated for best quality is inserted inside the boot to give the heel area an excellent support.

6. GOODYEAR WELT – A quality Goodyear leather welt, especially treated for best resistance, is sewn to the leather outsole with a strong interlocking stitch.

7. STEEL SHANK – A strong steel shank, shaped for the exact fit of the arch, is utilized to give the Boulet boot comfort and support.

8. CORK PAD – A pad made with compact cork, between leather insole and leather outsole, gives more comfort and better insulation. The insole will progressively mold to the shape of your foot.

9. PEG – One row of pegs firmly locks the shank area.

10. BACK QUARTERS – A piece of leather is sewn to the upper back of the boot for additional support.

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