Ostrich: Leg & 3-Piece



Caiman: Belly, Hornback, Tail



Rattlesnake & Python

Part of our commitment to bringin’ y’all the best boots, involves searchin’ for unique items. As laws change, it becomes harder to import exotic hides across the border without getting hit with big tariffs. We’re pleased as punch to say, that we do have our channels, though! Located in El Paso, Texas, Cowtown Boots offers a wide range of exotic hide boots.

Featurin’ Caiman, Rattlesnake, Python, as well as Ostrich boots, our exotics bring a lil’ extra flavour to the store!

Interested in buying a pair? Come on down to the shop and we’ll fit you out! Ain’t gonna be in town any time soon? Feel free to contact us with any inquiries regardin’ special orders. As import/export laws vary from country to country, we’re more than happy to assist you with any questions you have!

Just fire us a message:

Quantities and availability are extremely limited. If you’ve ever had the notion to buy a pair, don’t miss your chance by daydreamin’! Once our stock is depleted, we might not be able to get these again!

Men’s Only
Sizes: 8-12EE

  • Caiman: (available in: tobacco, chocolate, and black. Hides will vary: tail, hornback, belly)
  • Rattlesnake:
  • Python:
  • Ostrich Leg: (available in: bordeaux and black.)
  • 3-Piece Ostrich: (available in: tobacco and black.)